Happy 15th anniversary, Maple Grove!!
Marvin, the new 6' skeleton this year. 
Ike, Chuck's Canadian Half Cousin
I bought him at Canadian Tire in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
I kinda wish the geese were bigger, but they're still fun.
I need to come up with a name for the 7' guy!
ZipTie & Juan (he's got "juan" eye!!)
I'm pleased to report that Apoxie Sculpt works nicely to repair skeletons!  Both of my 4' guys were missing their lower arms, one was missing a lower leg and one was missing his head. 
I'm very happy to have them back in action. 
The car memorial garden.  
ForTiac is for the Ford & Pontiac the Spawn totalled right after she started driving.  Reginald was her elderly Cadillac that finally just crapped out and was carted away with dignity on a flatbed to the local junkyard and Ruby was my Saturn that was wrecked last year right before Halloween when an idiot didn't see a red light + the 10 or so cars stopped at it - and rear ended me at about 40 mph.  
I never got around to making the skeleton peeper - but this the stone he's destined to be behind. 
I really like this guy!
The skeleton on the right started out like this - them he tipped forward.
We thought it was funny, so he stayed like this!
And taught the grandkids how to fly!
Rusty wasn't impressed by the fake rat. 
We got a good coating of snow during trick or treating!
And of course, this is the second time I've won an eBay auction and my item arrived after Halloween!
The last time was in 2012 when I got the gargoyle & witch. 

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