August 16, 2016

2 more projects on the to-do list!

I was shocked when the Spawn cleaned her room (without me nagging!!) recently.  She came across 4 artist canvases that she'd doodled on a long time ago and was going to throw them out!  I grabbed them and told her I'd figure out something to do on them.  There are 2 - 16x20 and 2 - 12x12.  So I put them aside until inspiration hit.  Then I saw someone on FB post a painting of a tree she'd done on one on the H'ween pages I follow.  
**ding** that was my inspiration!  

I don't know if I ever posted anything about this old cherry tree that used to be next to our house.  When we moved into the house in 2003, they told us this tree was dead, but it bloomed and produced (really sour) cherries every year until 2014!  The last year, nothing.  Not even a single leaf.  It finally kicked the bucket.  I'm going to miss using it as a back drop for my wire tree with orange & purple lights - I actually tied the wire tree to the real tree and you could barely see it during the day. 
Sadly, it's gone now.  It wasn't our only dead tree, and one of two dead pines fell during the first snow we got last November and reclined across the yard for close to 6 months before we called the "tree guys" and had all 3 taken out this spring.  

But look how awesome that tree was!  I loved the twisted trunk and the fern that grew between 2 of the bigger branches.  Anyhooo.  I'm going to attempt to recreate this tree on canvas!  Obviously without the house & big maple.  I'm thinking a silvery-gray background with the tree in black and maybe a stylized graveyard?  

I was at Hobby Lobby tonight with the Spawn because she wanted LED C'mas lights to put up around her ceiling.  And I wanted to check out their H'ween selection to see if anything would be good for my Secret Reaper victim (from the H'ween Forum).  I got some acrylic paints in colors I don't have and also found another damn fancy charm!  I need to stay out of the jewelry section, especially the clearance area!  This is a bunch of stuff I've picked up over the the last 2 years or so, with the thought of making some really fabulously decorated apothecary items, but I didn't even put the apothecary out last year!

These are mostly from Hobby Lobby, Michaels & JoAnns. 
I promise I did not pay full price for any of these!  
The green one is a bracelet, but cheap enough that I have no problem with cutting the elastic to use the skull beads for something else. 
These are from Party City. 
I like that they have clips on them. 
The pink octopus may need a coat of paint.  I have some deep blue / green nail polish that should work nicely. 
I got the rhinestoned skull &crossbones today.
I love bling!
I thought it was odd that Buddha has a pumpkin head. 
Love that tree!
Yes, handcuffs.  
I hadn't even opened this pack of charms.  The bat & spiders were a nice surprise! 
These are from the local plant nursery in the fairy garden section. 
The creepy-ass armless winged baby came out of its crown, but some glue will fix that. 
I'd put that huge crystal in my car, but it would probably blind me if the sun hit it!
Tiny little bottles have a lot of potential. 
I won't get into all of the kinds of beads I have - this particular group is Daisy approved!
The tear-drop shaped thing is a broken earring that came in one of the bulk bags of jewelry that I've picked up at consignment stores here & there. 

So it looks like I have stuff to keep me busy & out of trouble, since there's nothing else (at the moment) that I want to do for the cemetery.  


August 09, 2016

Cemetery Tuesday - Stoney Creek Cemetery

I actually visited here back in October, 2012.  Stoney Creek Cemetery is located in Rochester Hills, MI in Oakland County along a lovely, tree-lined residential street.  
It was added to the state historical register in 2006.
I'm pretty sure I accidentally took pics of most of the names on the marker. 
Pretty sure this said "Our Mother" before they added the Daughter of a Revolutionary Solider plaque - which, by the way, I've never seen before. 
She's buried here, yet she donated land nearby in Rochester Hills for 
a cemetery that bears her name! 
This is the tall stone from inside the fenced plot above. 
There's all sorts of interesting info on the Masons online. 
I don't think I've seen one with a dead dove (right side of cross) on it before. 
A little bit of fall in the heat of August!
A man and his consort. 
He clearly wasn't buried here. 
Parents on the front, kids on the back.  
All their individual stones are behind.

I'm really enjoying revisiting my photo archives!