I was originally going to do a gypsy type theme this year, complete with a backstory, but ended up leaning toward a hillbilly-type theme instead.  You'll see why in a minute!
The yellow mums got my attention this year. 
I love the fern with eyeballs! 
 There will be a grandbaby in the family around Christmas! 
The JOL on the right belongs to my daughter.


Some of my original plywood headstones.


ZipTie is in a new place this year.  We thought to have him "pulling" the coffin into the cemetery, but he was behind the tree and you couldn't really see him from the road. 
This is the first time these guys were inside the cemetery - usually they're over closer to the driveway. 

OMG - the new chickens from Joann's this year!  I adore them!
And the piggy!  I wish he was bigger, but he's still cute.
This is why I went for the hillbilly theme. 
 When I learned Big Lot had a 'haunted CB' I had to get one!
It looks close enough to an amateur radio, so it's now a ham (radio) shack!
 These guys kept doing weird stuff in the wind.
 I thought it would be fun to have Frank sitting on the walker, but it ended up looking like he was on a toilet.  Oh well! 
Creek E. Bones is the new stone this year. 
One of my favorites!
This is my memorial for my Beagle, Jack-a-poo who crossed the Rainbow Bridge last February.  Since the first day I ever decorated the yard, he was out there with me, "helping". 
And as I was setting up, there were several times I saw movement, low to the ground, out of the corner of my eye.  So maybe he still was out there with me!

I just love these ghosts!
Now for nighttime!
This guy was supposed to be hanging out of the coffin, but he kept flipping to look up or down.  So I tossed him under it and left him there, because it was funny!

Chuck going for a ride!

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