August 26, 2018

Happy Blogiversary to me!

This blog is 7 years old, ya'll!

I had to stop myself from going back & reading all my old posts - but it was an interesting fact that in 2011, I was setting up *before* the Spawn's birthday.  It looks like 2012 is when I started waiting until after her birthday to set up. 

I kind of like waiting until a specific day.  But I don't know how its going to work out this year tho. Her birthday is Sept 28 (a Friday!!)  which technically should give me all day Saturday to get the bare bones ~ HA!!~ of the cemetery set up,  meaning the sign, fence, headstones & blowmolds.  But this is her 21st birthday this year - that means festivities will be happening. 

This is the world's worst picture, but it was after dark when I started writing this post & I didn't have any daylight pics of the new car headstone.
 The flash on my phone didn't light it up enough to see the colors well out on the patio, so here it is, sitting in the garage.
   It didn't take long to paint, since most of it is spraypaint.  I put down a weird pale green first as the window.  Then used blue paint around the center & green paint around the edges.  I like how it turned out - since the Ford had been a darkish green & the Pontiac had been a dark bluish-green, so it's a nod to both of them. 
Here's the actual shape.  
It's a bit wider than 4 feet, because of the side mirrors and about 2 1/2 feet tall with the tires. 

So the local gas company has contributed to the cemetery again this year (the other time was back in 2013)  I'm going to do a whole Countdown to Halloween post about it, but I have a "grave" in my front yard!   Complete with backhoe tracks & protruding tree roots.  At least the dead spot seen between Jack's head & the corner of the house (where the backhoe apparently sat & idled for a long time) has greened back up nicely. 

So let's see.
We were at Tim Horton's on the way to the mall yesterday and saw this sign!
Hubby & I were on our way to the Mall (I had to bribe him to go with me) for the Yankee Candle Boney Bunch preview party.

 I hadn't seen anything online that really grabbed me, but I thought the witches were cute.  Especially the one with the cat on her lap - that is so me!  I got out of there cheap, only getting these 2.  We probably smelled 100 candles & I didn't find any that I *loved* so we didn't get any.

Since we were at Lakeside Mall anyway, we wandered thru the Sears that is closing soon.  Most of the store stood empty & creepy with very little actual merchandise left.  All of the fixtures & racks & wood hangers were for sale, too.  We went down the escalator & saw a whole army of mannequins for sale! 
I'm not sure what goofball did the pricing, but the torsos & kid sized ones were the same price as the full body adult ones. $50-$60 each.

We didn't buy any, as tempting as they were.  My cemetery is all about the skeletons, so a 'real person' would look out of place.  So I posted it on Instagram & FB and now here - if anyone local to me is interested!

So whatcha been up to?  I got my victim from the HalloeenForum Secret Reaper  !  I have a few ideas in mind, so I need to get doing some crafting!  I hope it turns out as well as what I"m picturing in my head....