October 05, 2017

26 days - Maple Grove Cemetery, Bruce Crossing

Real Maple Grove Cemetery Tour 2017, stop #2 - Bruce Crossing, MI

Bruce Crossing in in Ontonagan County, in the middle of the Ottawa National Forest, in the west / central part of the Upper Peninsula.
There was a lot of bright orange lichen on this stone!
This was a common name in this area.  Street names, etc. 
Private Peacock?  Oh the hazing I'm sure he endured!
Leaving coins is usually military related.  
I saw nothing that indicated this man was in the military. 
A penny means you visited.  
A nickle means you went thru bootbamp with the deceased.  
A dime means you served together in some way.  
A quarter means you were with them when they died.  
We counted close to $25 in quarters on this stone. 
The nuts, socket wrench & tube of silicone sealant were glued to this homemade headstone.
The arrows are pointing to 2 stones in the far back of the cemetery (closeups seen below).  I wonder if these were the type of people who would yell about getting off their lawn?
The one way back in the corner - left arrow.
No names.
Way in the back in the middle - right arrow. 
There was a row of 6 beautiful huge maple trees, dividing the cemetery in half.

Countdown to Halloween
 photo http---signatures.mylivesignature.com-54494-164-6E1F2937D85F5FD3EB8A14DC4819E6EF_zpsg5damrgy.png

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