October 19, 2017

12 days - Maple Grove Cemetery, Mullett Lake

Real Maple Grove Cemetery 2017 Tour, stop #6 - Mullett Lake, MI

Mullett Lake is in Cheboygan county, in the northernmost part of the lower Peninsula. 
A smallish cemetery, with 453 interments. 
front & back
 The Silver Star is the 3rd highest personal decoration for valor in combat.
The Purple Heart is awarded for being wounded in combat.
This is off along the edge of the woods.
Sort of an odd cluster of stones....
 From what I could find online - this is the crest for the Scottish Clan Boyd. 
 Looks like their dog is buried with them.
 I've never seen photos left on a grave like this before.
Father & Son
Nelson Ball
born Apr 1, 1824
died Aug 26, 1852
Nancy H. his wife
born July 21, 1827
died Mar 4, 1910
Quintas C. Ball
born May 2, 1853.
Note the dates for the man & baby.  Sad. 

the following 2 are closer detail of the top of this stone. 
beautiful detail for being over 100 years old! 
I was pleasantly surprised to actually find out what happened here!  I found he was born in Michilmackinac on January 25, 1851 and died nearby in Inverness, MI.  I found online copies of the Cheboygan Democrat, a local newspaper, and he was mentioned in the October 6, 1905 edition about him & Harvey Davis of Detroit leaving a couple days before on a boat to go 'up the lake" to go hunting.  Then the Oct 27 edition said.... (source)

Mullet Lake - The relatives and neighbors of Samuel Flinn were shocked last week Thursday to hear that he was drowned. Mr. Flinn and a young man by the name of Harvey Davis were cutting wood for Mr Hatton, of Topinabee, they have also been trapping. They occupied Mr. Hat-ton's cottage at the mouth of the Nigger Creek on^the lake shore. Mr. Flinn went back on Monday and through a misunderstanding Mr. Davis did not go up until Wednesday, he went to the cottage and was surprised not to find any one there, but thought he would stay until morning, and before he was up Mr, Hatton came and told him that Mr. Flinn must be drowned Mrs. Flinn did not get any word until Thursday, when Mr. Hatton phoned to Mullet Lake. Mr. Flinn went to Cheboygan Monday morning and paid the insurance on his place and bought some steel traps, took the noon train for Topinabee walked down to the cottage and ate his dinner and then went out to set his traps, but found that his boat bad been stolen while he was away. He then went back to Topinabee and borrowed one of Mr. Hatton’s and started back to look for his boat and set tho traps. He was seen to pass the dock at. Topinabee and Was not very far out but he never reach-ed the cottage where he staid.

On Wednesday Mr. Hatton found his own boat pounding on the the shore with only one oar at Mr. Vandusen’s place, but since then the other oar came ashore at the same place. The boat was right side up with a hole in the side of it. Those that are used to those steel boats say that they will not tip over but are cranky. Mr. Flinn must of fallen out of the boat in some way. There is a great many theories as to how he would be drowned, but of'these no one can tell, Up to Wednesday his body has not been found although a number of men have been looking and dragging the bay where it is thought he went down, Sunday Messrs. Cooper, Cross, Stark, Dick Dodge and another young man from Cheboygan were up there doing all they could, and nearly all the <word missing> here, some went up again on Tuesday.  Mr. Flinn was born Cheboygan and was 54 years old, so another pioneer is gone. He was married nearly thirty yours and leaves to mourn him a wife and two daughters, one sister, Mrs. Hurst and one brother, John Flinn and a host of other friends that always found him ready to help in sickness or death. The family has the sympathy of all the neighbors around

In the Nov 10, 1905 edition they briefly mention George Dodge still looking around the shore for him and that Mrs. Flinn (her name was Oliphant!!) going to try to settle his debts.  but nothing more after that.

I thought this was kind of unusual, because everything else I'd read in that newspaper was very brief, one or two sentences.  "Miss Jones visited her mother in Cheyboygan last week" or "Farmer Bob is selling his cow" type of things.  So this must have been big news around there. 
 Samuel's father.
Samuel's mother
This ground cover has a whole lot of baby maple tress in it. 

And because we're in the homestretch.....
Looking good so far!  

and for 11/1 it's saying high 61*, mostly cloudy & warmer. 
Good day for tear-down!

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