October 23, 2017

8 days - Hot Wheels

I just learned recently that Mattel issues a collection of 8 Halloween themed Hot Wheels every year!  
I had no idea!  I personally have a collection of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks, so I was interested.
And ended up just buying one of them
a 1949 Ford F1 pickup with skull wheels and a jack-o-lantern on the door. 

So I got my first Halloween Monster truck in 2015.  
Gravedigger, of course! 
 Here he is in the everyday look

In 2016, it was Zombie - I was really excited about this one, since I love the real truck.

The jack-o-lantern was a perfect way to Halloween-ify a zombie! 
Everyday (except the real truck has arms that wave around)
(Ford Field, February 2015)

2017 was El Toro Loco. 
 I'm really not as impressed with this one - they tried to go with the western desert steer skull look and it's just meh. 
 Everyday El Toro Loco

I wonder what they'll come out with for 2018?  They could do one of the Monster Mutt trucks as a werewolf - that would be cool.  I would have expected that before El Toro Loco. 
And the bonus truck Arachnaphobia. 


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