October 11, 2017

20 days - Maple Grove Cemetery, Munising

Real Maple Grove Cemetery 2017 Tour, stop #4 - Munising, MI

Munising is located in the north / central part of Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula. 
Alger County is right along Lake Superior.   
This was by far the largest cemetery we visited on this trip.
This will be a longish post, since there are close to 5500 interments, which means a lot of interesting stones. 
This is only the second cemetery where I've found headstones with signatures on them. 
The next 3 are close-ups of these.  Looks like the parents are on the right, the daughter & her husband in the middle and the son and his wife on the left.
front & back
Loved how the sun was hitting this bush...
This was the only zinc stone that I saw here. 
The Veteran section was straight back from the gate. 
Always my favorite section to visit. 
This was interesting, because the 'broken' piece was glued into the birdbath. 
The pic doesn't do this justice - it really sparkled in the sunlight. 
front & back
A sad one- these two were killed by a coworker.  (source) 
There's a Memorial Fund in Sally's honor called Sally's Ride to raise monies for different horse-related organizations. 
Random bright-colored branch.
I added this stone to Find-a-Grave.  
Poor baby has no family in this cemetery!
I'm impressed that this wood plaque still looks as good as it does. 
A rather unfortunate name.
According to Find-a-Grave, there are several Snortums in the cemetery, but only Belle caught my attention.  
I couldn't figure out exactly which stone this went with! 
I was so fascinated with this little statue, that I never got a pic of the entire stone!
front & back
I'd never seen a flag like this before, either.  

Fair winds & followings seas, BM1

I saw quite a few stones with logging trucks engraved on them.
Lumber is a big business in the U.P. 
Michigan State Police
front & back
Especially sad, since the family of a friend of mine who passed from cancer used this same verse at her Celebration of Life.   
A Warrior
A devoted spirit, a soul / dedicated to the right / of life of those unborn. / killed through the holocaust of abortion / united in the glory / of God.  May you rest / in Peace. 
 photo http---signatures.mylivesignature.com-54494-164-6E1F2937D85F5FD3EB8A14DC4819E6EF_zpsg5damrgy.png

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