October 14, 2017

17 days - thoughts and exclamations.....

October is a busy season - particularly in my head!  Here are just a few things that flit thru my mind or has actually come out of my mouth recently....

*Why do I have so many skeletons?  What am I going to do with them all?


*Dammit, quit moving!  You're a skeleton, you're supposed to be dead!

*(to skeleton) What are you looking at behind you?  Quit turning your head.

*(to skeleton) Stand up straight!

*(to skeleton) What should we do with you?

*I have to drive by 'that' house to see if they're decorated yet.

*I really hope my lights aren't shining in the neighbor's window....

*You might think I'm talking to myself out there, but it's really to a skeleton / the dog.

*Where is my hammer / scissors / zipties?  (then proceed to walk on knees across the yard since I didn't want to stand up)

*(while at work) - OH!  I wonder how (this or that) would look?  <grabs notebook>

*oh, look!  They have decorations out!  Yay!

*(chatting with boss / coworker)  OH!  That's an idea!  <grabs notebook>

*Jack! (my Beagle) That's not a real dog - its butt has no scent.

*(to skeleton) What the hell?  How did you get en pointe?  You're not a ballerina!

*Should I feel bad because I haven't done much shopping this year?

*What is the point of coupons if this store doesn't have anything I want???

*Jack!  Don't you dare pee on that headstone!

*If we ever move, our new house has to have maple trees in front. 

*It's not a real install unless blood is shed.  (quote by my hubby)

*Damn - now I'm blind!  Guess I shouldn't have leaned directly over that LED light.

This happens every year.....
*How does (fill in the blank with the name of any number of haunters with awesome lights) get such awesome lights???

What are some of the thoughts running thru your head?

Countdown to Halloween

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  1. "Wait. HOW many days until Halloween!?!? GAAAAAH!!"

  2. HAHAHAHA! this is perfect..exactly what I used to say when I had a yard to decorate!!!
    tooooo funny!


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