October 10, 2017

21 days - Home Depot saddle & bridle review

So I have a beef with Home Depot.  I was thrilled when I learned they were offering a saddle & bridle to go with their skeleton horse.  
The saddle is great.  I'm pretty happy with it.  But the bridle is another story. 
This should have been a hint - here's the ad. 
DRAM animation cartoon confused banana GIF
In case you're not really sure yourself what a bridle is supposed to look like.....
Here's my equine nephew & niece, Captain & Kisses, doing some modelling.  
They're clearly not wearing wadded up balls of leather upon their heads. 
 This was taken back in August when I brought it home from Home Depot.  First of all - for anyone who has never messed with a bridle, it would have been confusing AF.  Straps were twisted and snaps attached to the wrong side of the straps and there were extra pieces that I had no idea what they were even for. 

Now that I look at this picture - it doesn't look bad.  It's not like anyone was going to be up close enough to analyze it.  But I knew how jacked up it really was and it bugged me.  And I couldn't leave well enough alone!
 The reins were OK.  As it lies here - the entire right side is fine. 
But on the left, the one that is clearly backwards is the one that goes under the horse's throat.  It's like when they put that brass button on, they folded that strap down behind the rest & attached the button, instead of leaving it out so it would lie correctly.   I had to cut it off, flip it over & sew it back on.  
 This is a noseband.  On the end, you're looking at the back of the snap - so you'd have to twist the band to fasten it or fold it awkwardly. 
 To fix the twist - I simply cut off the end, flipped it over & sewed it back on. 
I also had to do this on the throat strap I cut off & flipped over.  The snap was right, but the strap was wrong!
 I'm not even sure what this extra piece in the middle is for! 
**snip** gone. 

So let's try it out!
 I don't have the horse out yet, so I just grabbed the head & neck out of the box. 
He's coming out the play this weekend. 
I still have issues that the bit is too small for it's mouth so the rings don't lay flat against the cheek, but there's not much I can do about that.  
And because the noseband & piece going under the throat aren't folded awkwardly, they hang looser.  A couple stitches will take care of that. 

This is one of those details that don't mean beans to anyone else but me!
But once I finish it, I'll be happy. 

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