October 07, 2017

24 days - Chuck goes to Chicago & beyond!

Last month, my nephew got married in the Chicago area, so Chuck went along for the ride. 
(btw, most of these were posted on Instagram #skeletonroadtrip)
 Buckle up for safety!
 Here & there we saw signs of fall.
 Somewhere along this stretch, we crossed into Indiana. 
 Toll booths!
 OH NO!!!!!
Where's the medic???
We were pulling into a rest area and I was folding him up to put him on the dashboard and his arm fell right off!  For the rest of these photos, his arm is either strategically hidden or held on with electrical tape!
 Welcome to Illinois
 Traffic going into Chicago itself was horrible - Chuck would have died of boredom if he wasn't already dead! 

Of course we all came down with the plague (stuffed nose, congestion, coughing, etc), so I didn't do much with Chuck while in Chicago. He just chilled in the hotel room.  
 I was jealous. 
I can only imagine what housekeeping thought of him!
We should have left a note for them...
 btw - did you know these were a REAL thing??  
Pumpkin spice + menthol = I don't even want to imagine. 
 So Monday - back on the road!  
My nephew & new niece had a popcorn bar at their reception, so when we stopped by to see their house, we got loaded up with popcorn for the trip.
 We went home the scenic route - up thru Wisconsin & into the Upper Peninsula. 
 We stopped at the maritime museum in Sturgeon Bay.  We had the whole museum to ourselves - it was really interesting. 
Welcome to da U.P., eh! 
Staying the night in Iron Mountain.  
We drove by this fabulous place in Iron River and had to stop to check things out closer.  
 Our hotel in St. Ignace had a hot tub in the room!
 Watching the sun rise over Mackinac Island & Lake Huron. 

 Down the hall from our room.
Crossing the Mackinac Bridge! 
Ahhhh, there's no place like home!

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  1. Looks like a good time was had by all, barring the illness. But, where are the pics of Chuck at the wedding???

    1. I really thought about finding a tuxedo onsie for him and taking him with me, at least to the reception. But I opted to not be the "weird aunt" and left him in the hotel. :) (Ppppft as if they don't already know how I am!)

  2. I wonder what other motorists - and toll collectors - thought of Chuck

    1. I'm sure we got some laughs - he sat on my lap and looked out the window a lot.
      My sister & I took him to Ohio a couple years ago and I'd pace a semi on the highway and she'd move his arm up & down like he was blowing the horn and she managed to get 4 truck drivers to honk at us!

  3. Haha! Looks like he had a good time, aside from that arm incident. ;) I'd like to know what housekeeping thought too! I bet they got a good laugh.

    1. I would love to know, too! They were either weirded out, or laughed!

  4. hahahaha! Love this. Last year I posted 30 days of Skelly but I never took him on any road trips. : )

    1. Some people are highly entertained with him, others look at me like I'm crazy. Luckily my husband doesn't mind being seen with me while I carry him around, posing him for pictures!


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