October 01, 2017

Welcome to the Countdown to Halloweeeeeen!!!!

It's that much anticipated time of year - it's the... 


How about an official introduction?

My name is Lisa,  I've been the driving force behind the Maple Grove Cemetery since it's humble beginnings in 2008.  I'm actually a pretty normal person - happily married, 1 adult-ish spawn, 3 cats, 1 dog (who is my main "helper" and therefore regularly appears in photos), full time job, etc.  I just really enjoy Halloween!

Not many people decorate in my neighborhood, so I've heard comments about mine being the coolest house around (see ego grow!!)  The fam helps out when I need them.  Whenever I'm stuck on an idea, I can bounce it off the hubby and he usually comes up with a great solution for me.  He also helps with tear-down, which I love & appreciate!  The daughter usually helps with initial set up, and this year she volunteered to paint headstones.

Actually....set up has already begun.  Sept 28 is my daughter's birthday so that means the 29th is All Systems GO.  I get out there, rain or shine, and at least get the cemetery fence, sign & headstones out.  The blowmolds are also out in their "Mosh Pit" as you read this.

My yard haunt is (obviously!!) a cemetery with humorous bits.  I don't do blood & gore, but I have a thing for skeletons.  I have a LOT of them.  And as of this moment, this is the first year I have NOT added any more to the party!  OK, I did get my horse skeleton this spring, but does he really count?
 pumpkin the muppets jack o lantern swedish chef GIF
Speaking of skeletons - this is Chuck.
He somehow evolved into being the official mascot of the cemetery and a travel partner (check out #skeletonroadtrip on Instagram).  He's travelled with me many times to the lake up north (as seen here), my sister's farm, to Arkansas & Ohio each a couple times
and also to Texas! 
FYI - a newborn sized onsie fits a 3 foot skeleton perfectly.
Just so ya know!

I also am a taphophile.  I really enjoy exploring real cemeteries and taking in the art & peace & history.  I have a bucket list that includes exploring all 30 real Maple Grove Cemeteries in the state of Michigan.  I was able to cross 6 of them from the Upper Peninsula / northern Lower Peninsula off my list last month!
They will be posted about during the Countdown.

I'm going to take a page from the April A-Z Challenge and (other than today) not do any posts on Sunday, you know, for my own sanity!

Ya'll ready for this??

Let's get ready to rumble!!!
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