October 16, 2017

15 days - Secret Reapers

I participate in a minimum of 2 secret reapers each year over on the HalloweenForum 
(I'm lisa48317 over there - it's gonna suck if I ever move, since that's my zip code!)

It's a mystery-type gift exchange.  We PM the coordinator that we're in and send her a list of things we like & don't like, what we need or don't need, a general gist of what we're doing with our October, etc (as well as on the thread itself).  A list that would useful for someone, who may or may not know you, to buy / find / make you a gift, spending no more than $20.  
Oh, and we have no idea who will get our name.  Some people send elaborate, well thought-out gifts where they've clearly did lots of stalking and other's not so much.  I got a box one time full of stuff that had just been tossed in, and it looked like stuff straight from the garage or whatever.  But that was OK - I found some cool stuff in there and either donated or tossed the rest. 

For my victims?  I shopped in my storage totes and found plenty of things I wasn't using that I could pass on to my "victims" that I hope they enjoyed!   (I see that my latest victim got their package today, but haven't been on the forum to see how they liked it. I'll go when I'm done here) 

I've been doing this since probably 2012.  
There's also a Merry Reaper at Christmastime and any other number of reapers & card exchanges all year-round that go on over there. 
Of course the participation threads are highly entertaining. 

Anyhoo, my first reap was a wee bit late, but I was happy with my goodies. 
How can I *not* love a nutcracker?? 
She gave it a custom paint job and added skulls by his feet. 
These would look hilarious in my plant at work. 
OMG - this is the coolest!  
I was in a dilemma about the lighting in the cemetery and this helped a lot.
 (sneak peak!)
I still need to move some skeletons around, 
but the horse & coffin will be staying here in the red.

The mail lady put this package right into my hands because I was out in the cemetery when she pulled up.  She laughed when I saw the H'ween stickers and said YAY!  And commented I must know what was in there.  Yes & no.  I knew it was a reaper gift, but not who it was from or what could be in there.   
 Everything was wrapped so neatly & tied with pretty ribbons. 
 Grave flowers!
 Catnip bats!
 Maddie approved.  I think she knew there was something in the box for her as soon as I brought it into the house.  She followed me around until I sat it down and opened it. 
There was a black/white/orange rope toy for Jack, too. 
 Yay!  Another nutcracker! 
 Fun stuff.
Goodies for the apothecary - the poison apple is oddly beautiful with the neon green glitter ooze.  She did an amazing job with these, they're so pretty!

Have you ever done a gift exchange?

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