October 20, 2017

11 days - Evolution

This will be a fun walk down memory lane - let's look at back at where Maple Grove Cemetery started and how far its come....

Aawww, how quaint! 
 The plywood headstones are all shiny new.
Since the ghost is one of the original blowmolds, he's known as the Union Rep. 
Blowmold Local 1031. 
 The only skeleton
The only nighttime pic, since there were no lights!
 I got the coffin made but not painted, since my dad passed away shortly before Halloween. 
Easily fits a 5' tall girl. 
 oooooo lights!  And a fence!
And Peeping Tom - he looked in the kitchen window until he went out in the yard. 
The coffin is painted & the stones "aged".
Not sure what happened with my pics from 2011.  This is all that was in my folder!
We have a name!!!
My first 2 life-sized skeletons!
 There's a groundbreaker coffin up there and Tom got a new shirt.
 Terrance, Phillip & Ike.  
 3 skeletons now!
The fence!!  
I'd been having trouble from kids walking up the neighbor's (who never has her light on for trick-or-treating) driveway, across her yard and shuffling across the cemetery to our driveway.  I'm really surprised nobody tripped over an extension cord or anything.  
This is simple garden fencing from Lowe's.  $20 for a 15 foot long x 2 foot tall roll and I have 4 rolls.  
The story behind Big Bertha.  Miss Angela called me at work one afternoon, freaking out because some guy in a hardhat was knocking at the door. Even tho she was in 10th grade, she wasn't about to open it.  So I raced home from work to find all sorts of heavy equipment & utility trucks blocking my street.  I asked one of the guys if I could get to my house and he said they were getting ready to dig in my yard!  I asked if they needed me to move anything, since they were really close to that JOL blowmold.  They said no, but asked when they were done, if I could put a headstone in that area??  So I did one better and repainted one of the stones, just for the 'new' grave. 
 Another new groundbreaker.
I dropped him there and liked how cavalier he looked. 
 My first carved stone - a Secret Reaper gift from the amazing Terra.  
I still treasure this to this day!
Here's a video on how she made it. 
 The blowmolds are multiplying!
This is Hugh with Jayne.  He was also a Secret Reaper gift, from someone who was local to me!  She managed to come over in the few minutes I was gone to pick up Miss Angela from dance, 2 miles away and left him in a chair on the front walk.  
I was backing in the driveway and started freaking out because someone was in the cemetery!
If I recall right - that blue is a CFL bulb. 
Nice color!
The new sign!
The first year of the Mosh Pit. 
I was trying to concentrate on lights in the cemetery & they drowned everything out and so got segregated to that side of the driveway. 
 A lot of the original stones are still in use. 
  Pretty sure this was taken November 1.  
After it had snowed during ToT.
 I still love that JOL with the faux-flames in it. 
 The lights look cool here, but also dizzy-ing. 
This year had a theme - the Masquerade Ball. 

Social media advertising!
I also have a YouTube page, but I'm fighting with the widget to the right to get it to work. 
So until then, search Maple Grove Cemetery! 

I had surgery over the summer, so the most strenuous thing I did was update the headstones.  I cut out & glued plywood to the backs, then DryLok'd & repainted them.  

Lots of animal skeletons!  And one still wearing skin. 
Realistic, isn't he?
 The crazy cat ladies. 
 This side of the yard still needed help - the blue was just too dark. 
Randy & Angel cut out elaborate designs - mine looks like a 3 year old did it! 
...to be continued

 photo http---signatures.mylivesignature.com-54494-164-6E1F2937D85F5FD3EB8A14DC4819E6EF_zpsg5damrgy.png


  1. Quite an evolution! You must love looking back. 🎃 A house near us began doing a huge Christmas display and since he had been picking up Christmas stuff, built up a Halloween collection, as well. But traffic concerns caused him to cancel it all. Now, he has been convinced through fundraising and stuff to start the Christmas one again. But, to concentrate on that, he has retired the Halloween display permanently. Very sad for Halloween fanatics, but I am glad at least we will have the Christmas display.

  2. Ahhhhh Lisa!!
    Know you are getting ready for your favorite time of year!!! Bet you have the scariest display and the yummiest candy in your neighborhood!!!
    Have fun getting ready and your decorating!!

  3. This is an incredible display! I need to come trick 'r treating here (I'll bring my kid, too!).


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