October 28, 2017

3 days - Tillson Street - part 2

Welcome to my Tillson Street post, part 2!
Part 1 went live at 3am

Now I've crossed the street and am heading back east on Pleasant St. 
There weren't too many houses decorated on this side. 
This witch tree was so pretty & elegant!
Severed feet hanging from the trees
This devil is really freaking cool.
Simple, yet effective!
This was the last of the offerings on Pleasant St.
Now we go around the block to Tillson Street!
The neighbors must share decor - since this gorilla has been across the street for many years. 
But that's OK - this house doesn't usually have much more then a couple hay bales & a strobe light out.  So they're evolving!
To be continued...
Parts 3 & 4 will be up at 5am & 6am .

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  1. Thanks for the synopsis! Love the subtitles and your views!


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