October 07, 2019

#countdowntoHalloween day 24 - Chuck 2.0

I was looking back thru my posts, trying to figure out when Chuck became part of the family.... The earliest mention I found was in October 2015 - when we took Chuck & his buddy Al to Dayton to visit my brother.

Anyway.  Chuck has been thru a lot in those 4 years.  His arm broke off on the way to Chicago for my nephew's wedding in 2017.  The other arm broke off almost immediately after getting into the car to leave for Arkansas last winter.  They've been held on by electrical tape and it's been replaced several times, especially once it got warm and the tape didn't stick well.

I stopped in Walgreen's on my way to work one day last week and was looking at their 3 foot skeletons, buy one get one half off.  And the thought popped in my head, why didn't I just replace Chuck with a new skeleton???

So I did.  The googly eyes easily popped off and were glued into the new skull.  The tuxedo onesie got tossed in the washer because it was filthy!  I guess when he's been wearing it since December 2017 and doing all sorts of stuff....it can get gross. 

So here he is - Chuck 2.0!
Complete with 2 working arms!

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