October 24, 2019

#countdowntoHalloween day 7 - Clinton Township area neighbor-haunt / part 2

Welcome back to part 2!  

These final 4 were all walking distance from each other, in a very nice neighborhood. 

1st stop - D'Harte-less Cemetery.

These guys were rocking the fence.
The babies were on the other side of the driveway.
I'm sure the neighbor's loved the lady on the right who rocked & sang all creepy.

Stop 2 at the end of the block was Carnevil.
Loved the skeleton on the tightrope!
The ferris wheel was pretty impressive, but I would have liked to see it maybe... finished?  It was just PVC.
Lights and/or seats would have been great. 

Lt. Dan!
 The chicken wire ghostie back there was pretty neat.
This little Georgie next to the sidewalk was directly across from a "sewer" drain with of course, Pennywise in it.  My pic didn't turn out!

Stop 3 was down 2 blocks and up another half block.
The Casualty Cornfield
Signs would have been nice, but it was easy enough to see here other people were going.
 They had a Zombie Outbreak Response Vehicle with lights going across their driveway.
They had tons of fog going!

This was really cool - she looked like she was waist deep in a swamp, but it's a laser beam!

Stop 4 was maybe 3/4 a block away.
Jeff's Yard Haunt.

More fence shaking zombies.


This mausoleum was really cool. 
 The butcher shop was in the front part of the garage.

The projection on this headstone was of a woman looking like she was trying to get out of the ground.

I give the whole evening 2 thumbs up!

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