October 26, 2015

Day 5 - Shenanigans with Al & Chuck.

We took a family trip to Ohio this weekend to see my brother Terry and his fiance Tammy.  Picture 2 carloads of people - me, Mom, sister Laurie, sister Linda, niece Lisa (she was named after me - usually referred to as Lulu), brother in law Dave, niece Catie and soon to be nephew Charlie.  OK.  

Chuck had some stylish duds for the weekend.
 Ready to hit the road!
 Out stretching legs with Laurie.

 She managed to get 4 truckers to honk at him!  
 She had way too much fun with Chuck. 

 Time for a nap after that long drive (4 hours+ because of stops)
 He was thirsty! 

 We shot some videos - I'll have Terry send them to me so I can post them on my YouTube page. 

 Hanging at the pool. 
 Al was both lifeguard (Terry was so glad he was there!)
 and towel boy!
 Snuggles with Lulu. 
 I bet this freaked Housekeeping out!
 Breakfast at Cracker Barrel.
 Looking at the Menu with Dave. 

 Catching up on a good book. 
 Breakfast at Big Boy. 
 Mmmmm bacon!
 Guess Chuck had a busy day!  
We got some odd looks, but we had a LOT of laughs!

It's been a couple days since the last forecast....let's see how it looks now.
Ooooo - there's hope!



  1. Replies
    1. We always do! We don't get to see my brother as often as we like. But he likes it that way - he said if he saw us more often he'd run out of material!


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