October 25, 2019

#countdowntoHalloween day 6 - *NOT* Tillson Street

Last night, Spawn & I took Chuck up to explore Tillson Street in Romeo.  I like to go during the week, while it's still daylight so I can see all the details that I know people put into their displays.  There tends to be fewer people then, too. 

But of course, before going to Tillson Street, you have to check out the houses on Pleasant (runs parallel to Tillson, one block north) & Sisson (runs north/south at the west end of Tillson) Streets.  They're not decorated as much, but there are still houses worth checking out.

Tons of JOLS!  (above & below)

The one above & the next 2 are the same house.
The hats were low enough to fit on Spawn's head!

Monster house!
It was early for the inflatables, but the rest of this yard (above & below)
are fun to look at.

I wish my maple trees were this pretty!
(above & the 2 below go with the devil)

Their skeletons are always fun.

They light up all these ghosts with black light at night.  It's really cool.

Spawn accidentally bumped the bride when she held Chuck in there and she started talking and didn't stop until we got 2 houses away! 
This must be Mr. Right.
There's not much here but they get an A for effort!
I love this house from 1870!  It was recently up for sale and I looked at the listing so I could see the inside.  Gorgeous!

I love this house on Sisson St!  Most places have random dinosaur skeletons that don't go with the rest of the display, but theirs is a total Jurassic Park theme & it's awesome!
They have smaller dinos 'chasing' human skeletons up their lampposts - hilarious!
And the house is amazing.

I haven't seen flamingos with teeth like this before!

Spiders (above & below)

These guys are fun!


I don't get the Harry Potter / Halloween connection, but I like how they've done their house.

That's a lot of vultures!

This was in front of a dentist office across Main St (aka Van Dyke Ave)
They were bobbing for apples.

This was funny! 

The owner was out fixing some minor wind damage. 

Stay tuned for 2 posts about Tillson Street!

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