October 03, 2019

#countdowntoHalloween day 28 - Tricks & Treats

 This past August, my awesome spouse and I went on a road trip around New England.  Our second night on  the road, we stopped in North Conway, NH.  On the way to the hotel, we passed a place called Tricks & Treats!  Since it was only a few miles away, we stopped in the next morning before getting back on the road.  
 I really didn't see anything incredibly unique that I *had* to have, but it was fun to look anyway. 
 The atmosphere made it all worthwhile!
I had to get a close up shot of this tree.  
The unicorn skeletons were really the only thing that tempted me, but they are shelf-sitters and those don't work well in a house with 3 rambunctious cats.  
How they have the store set up reminds me a little of Past Tense here in Lapeer.  
We didn't go into the "treats" part of the store, but it was an ice cream parlor that looked like a flashback to the 50s.
It was a fun stop on our trip! 


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