October 26, 2019

# countdowntohalloween day 5 - Tillson St, part 2

Here we go with part 2 of the Tillson Street tour.
This house on the corner always does the Tillson Theater.

This house always does the Tillson Cemetery.

Of course the guy in the electric chair is wearing an Ohio State shirt!
Not sure why anyone would want political signs in their display.....

I like the magic show - kind of a unique theme.

This castle didn't feel 'done' to me - I wonder if the cannon is still in there?

That giant white mask is new this year - it was super creepy because they eyes followed you!

The Bridal Salon is always fun.

This was a surprise - this house usually has a hockey rink set up, complete with a real Zamboni, boards & penalty box.
I really like the real carriage & harness on the horse.

The red carpet is a nice touch.

The Headless Horseman had a nice setting in the cornstalks.
But this was funny!  He must have gotten dumped off this horse!

We thought this was pretty funny - the dumptruck dumping body parts onto the sidewalk....
I stopped to take Chuck's "selfie" and a lady in the garage next door (they always sell cider & snacks there) saw me and told me she was obsessed with skeletons and asked if she could take his (and mine) picture - I hope she sees where I checked us in on FB! 

Across the street from here is a Dairy Queen with a nice little walk-thru haunted house on their sidewalk.  They're making that bigger every year!

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  1. Thank you for the tour. It looks as if this neighborhood gets into Halloween! Very fun -- and some of the displays were hilarious. Unfortunately, last year we seemed to be the only house on this street that expected trick o' treaters. The rest of the houses were blacked out (no porch light, no lights in the window). I hope more neighbors get into Halloween this year.


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