October 15, 2019

Cemetery Tuesday - Hope Cemetery, Barre VT

I saw someone post photos on a Facebook page from Hope Cemetery and I was stunned at how beautiful it was.  So when the Spouse and I decided to drive around New England on vacation in August, I suggested that if we should make it up into Vermont, I'd like to stop.  And we did!  And it was all I hoped for and more.

I didn't look thru all 6700+ listing on FindAGrave, but the earliest one I saw in the first couple pages was 1903 and there are still burials happening.
The grounds were beautifully landscaped and stones were set in small 'garden' like areas, surrounded by shrubbery. 
Most of the stones were carved out of the same white stone.  And some were enormous!

The top of this pillar says 

"We care so much for you
that we left this message
of hope.
Read Dan's stone 2-4
Read Jane's stone 2-4
to access the 
memory medallions
for more information
contact the cemetery office"

under each of the silver buttons, which I assume are the memory medallions, are their names. 

I've never seen such a thing before!
Another angle.
I'd never seen so many carved busts of the deceased before, either. 

I love the smiley faces on each side!
Neither name has a 'died" date on it yet.

In memory of
Arthur Merrill Olin Smith
1st LT. 8th Air Force U.S.A.
Born February 1, 1916
Barre, VT
Who gave his life Nov 30, 1944
as pilot of a B-17 when shot down
on his 31st mission over Germany
Buried in Margraten, Holland
Plot III, Row 3, Grave 60
Returned Home

'Set me as a seal
upon thine heart
for love is strong
as death'

Gwendolyn Warmington Halvosa
born Dec 5, 1904
in Cornwall England
Died April 15, 1953

William Edward K Halvosa
Born June 26, 1907
in Barre, Vermont
Died Sept 11, 1989
It looks like they're in bed!
That's one heck of a stone for a 5 year old baby!

I love how she's appearing the the smoke from his cigar.
This is probably one of my favorites ever.
Giuseppe E. Donati
28 Dec 1919 - 28 Apr 1984
Orestina Vatteroni Donati
18 Mar 1921 - 29 Aug 2015

It sure looks like this angel is holding a snowboard....

If you ever get into the central Vermont area - I highly recommend stopping in to explore, you won't be disappointed.

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