October 18, 2019

The Granary & Kings Chapel Burying Grounds, Boston

Back in August, the Spouse and I went on a road trip around New England.   We spent a couple days in Boston and we managed to work in stopping at THE burial grounds in Boston.  They are pretty amazing. 

Founded in 1630, Kings Chapel is Boston's First Burying Ground.  I confess we didn't specifically look for the notable graves, such at Massachusetts's first Governor or the first woman to step off the Mayflower, but they're buried here. 

This little guy was totally unafraid of me being so close.

John Winthrop.  Guess I did get the first Governor!

The carvings at the tops of the stones were fascinating.

The markers set into the walls on the neighboring buildings were interesting, too.

We think this is a very ornate subway vent.  Since as we were looking down into it, once passed by and we were almost knocked over by the gust of wind coming up.

This is a skeleton & Father Time battling over the eventuality of death.

I read that the stones were all moved into lines at one point or another in both cemeteries so it was easier to mow the lawn and for sidewalks to be put in for tourists. 

The Granary Burying Ground.  Just about 1/2 block away from Kings Chapel 
Established in 1660, many well known names from American history are buried here.   There are approximately 2300 markers here, but it's said there are over 5000 people buried here.
I wish we would have borrowed a map from the man at the gate so we would have seen everyone.

Victims of the Boston Massacre
Samuel Adams


That's kind of a scary looking skull & crossbones!

The skeleton is called "King of Terrors"
and this shows him resting, either from harvesting souls or he's getting ready to.
The link shows a better picture. 
John Hancock

The children of Andrew & Melicent Neal

 We'll call this bunny Paul Revere, since we got distracted by him off to the right and didn't see Paul's stone off to the left.

On one of the Facebook pages I follow, a man posted a picture of an object similar to this, near Paul Revere that belonged to his great x9 grandparents - he said the lid is actually moveable and there are stairs inside the 'box' and the graves are underground.  I bet that's creepy!

Ben Franklin

Somewhere near Franklin is the "Infant's Tomb" where hundreds of babies are buried, but I haven't been able to find a picture online of it.

So overall -these were fascinating places to visit!

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