October 23, 2019

#countdowntohalloween day 8 - Clinton Township area Neighbor-haunt / part 1

This event popped up on Facebook and I immediately said I was going.  

8 awesome home haunts and one of them is one I've always wanted to see! 

Twisted Fears was an amazing pro-quality walk thru in their driveway / garage. 

There were a ton of cars on the street, but it's probably because like us, everyone who saw the event went to the first location on the map, when it started.  I'm sure it would have been OK to mix up the order, and I had planned to.  But then didn't. 
 There was a small cemetery in the yard.
 I was trying to get a picture of the headstone that said Twisted Fears.
 Love the skeletons climbing the wall!

I took this right before Spawn and I went in.  There was a moment of hesitation about letting her go thru (by me, not the TF people) since she is 7 months pregnant!  But we saw other people going thru with little kids, so we decided she'd be OK.  She had a death grip on the back of my hoodie the whole time.

The only issue I had was that we caught up to the 4 cowards who went in before us, so we missed out on some of the scares. 

I won't do any spoilers, but it was excellent.  They had live actors & plenty of props & great sets.
Next - OMG - I was so excited to see in real life! 

Attic Hatch's Infestation!
"Atomic giant mutant critters growing out of control"
Pictures just don't do it justice.

Man-eating plant

I didn't get any pictures, but there's a projection of spiders crawling all over the living room windows on the house.

I'm pretty sure this is the costume that Bob (the talent behind all this) wore last year.
I've seen pictures & videos of things that he adds each year.

You can see how big the Mantis is next to Spawn!
Another giant spider and the watchman on the tower.

 There's the rat coming out of the front window.
 The enormous hornet
 The spider over the walkway.
There's one breaking out of the garage roof, too.
 Just wow.

Stop 3 was Cirque de Esplanade.

First of all - their house!  OMG.  Gorgeous. And huge.

They only had a few animatronics out.  Which is fine!  

There was a lot going on.  Lots to see!
They have to had an army of helpers, or they've been setting up for months. 

They had one of those green projection lights pointed down near this so there were spiders "crawling" on the sidewalk.

I was happy to see someone else with a black/silver skeleton! 
I ended up spraying mine lightly with white paint so it stood out more. 
Stop 4 was Callous Manor

Another one with lots to see and plenty of animatronics.
Also on a corner lot like Cirque was. 

The priest was pretty spooky. 
 I had to use my flash to see what was inside the coffin.

This side of the driveway was behind bushes, so there wasn't as much action.

 Altho back there in the green light, they had a skeleton on top of the column that was swaying back & forth.  I would have liked to see that up close!

stay tuned for part 2!


  1. All are wonderful, but the infestation haunt... Wow indeed!

  2. This is Bob from "Infestation" Someone feom New York just made me aware of this blog. Thanks so much! We've got BIG plans for next year! You are always welcome to drop in to say "HI" (or"Boo")


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