October 08, 2019

Cemetery Tuesday - Maple Grove Cemetery, Sylvan Center

This Maple Grove Cemetery is in Chelsea, Michigan.  It's on Sylvan Center Rd, so that's where it gets it's name.  There are about 566 interments dating from 1840ish (pre-dating the official establishment of the cemetery since it clearly says 1866 on the sign) to current.

There were 4 corner stones like this surrounding the standing log above.

That's a Milky Way bar carved in the center.

A hibiscus flower with "Aloha: warn greetings, love,compassion, goodwill and farewell".

I thought this was interesting how there are the 2 large "Hafley" stones with the smaller ones sideways to the left of each.
The flat one on the left (Rose Hafley) is facing left and the flat one on the right (Gladys Babcock) is facing right.

I wonder what causes the orange lichens?

That's a different way to do it.

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