October 01, 2019

Cemetery Tuesday - Maple Grove, Westland

Welcome to Cemetery Tuesday!  Today we're visiting the Maple Grove Cemetery in Westland, MI.
This used to be called Van Akin Cemetery, but it got swallowed up by Maple Grove.
According to FindAGrave, there are 988 burials here. 

In some of my cemetery posts, a name or stone will catch my attention and I try to research more about that person.  Sorry I didn't for this one. 

There are a lot of European names and a noticed verses from the book of Timothy a lot. 



  1. Your post's always remind me that we have a civil war era cemetery that I really should visit. I know they try to keep people out this time of the year because the locals will tell you its hunted.

    1. I love old cemeteries! That would be so interesting to explore!


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