October 13, 2019

#countdowntoHalloween day 18 - Chuck on Horseback!

So Chuck has done a lot of fun stuff on and around horses in his short lifetime - but he's never gotten to go ON a ride!

Yesterday changed that track record. 
 My sister & I went on the Polly Ann Trail Ride (to raise funds to improve the rail trail thru Lapeer County).  I figured out the night before that Chuck fits in the drawstring bag that is meant for my riding helmet!
 I draped the drawstring over the horn of my saddle and away we went!
It was a beautiful, chilly, perfect fall day for riding. 
Remington saying hi!
This is Kisses.  My sister's horse but since she can only ride one at a time..... she's "mine".
We are both members of the Lapeer County Search & Rescue team (hence the bright orange jackets!  They're warm and it's always good to wear bright colors in the woods) and I use Kisses for team events and her & Remmie both eventually be SAR horse certified. 

Kisses deserves a treat!
Now we have to unload the trailer - blah! 

It was a busy day!
Chuck had fun and now that I know how to carry him, he'll go on more rides with us!

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