September 30, 2019

Happy October Eve! #countdowntohalloween

Welcome to Maple Grove Cemetery!

Since this is my first entry for this year's Countdown to Halloween linkup, I'll introduce myself and what I'm all about. 

My name is Lisa.  The other characters in my household are Randy (the Spouse) and Angela (the Spawn) and at Christmastime, there will be a Grand-spawn added to the mix.  The feline family members are Rusty, Maddie & Daisy.

 I started decorating our front yard with a quaint little cemetery in 2008 and it's evolved into what you will be seeing soon.   I don't do blood & gore.  MGC is a mix of spooky / cute / goofy.  I have a LOT of skeletons.  Sometimes they dance, sometimes they trick or treat - who knows what they'll decide to do next?
You'll be seeing a lot of this guy - this is Chuck.  The best way I've heard to describe him is like Flat Stanley.  He travels with me and I take pictures of him at neat places / doing fun things.
Here he's on the coast of Maine, looking out over the Atlantic Ocean.   
And if he doesn't go... I have a smaller skeleton named Steve that goes. Sometimes its just easier to carry a smaller guy - like on a plane or horseback riding. 

I'm also a taphophile - or a "tombstone tourist".  I enjoy exploring cemeteries, the older the better.  I'm currently working on visiting all of the 30+ real Maple Grove Cemeteries in the state of Michigan.   Randy graciously plans our vacation road trips around cemeteries I want to visit. 

I've been participating in the C2H since 2011, which was also the first year of this blog.  I don't really have a theme other than Halloween randomness.  We'll explore some cemeteries, take a few road trips to cool local places, do some shopping, etc. 

Hope you enjoy the trip!


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