October 24, 2018

7 Days - Fairborn Halloween Festival

Last weekend I went to Ohio with Mom & the sister (and Chuck!) to visit the brother in Dayton.   We always have a good time when we get together!  On the agenda was a trip to the Lewisburg Haunted Cave (OMG - totally recommend!)
Also we had seen an article on FB about this little town called Fairborn, "Ohio's Halloween Wonderland".  Of course we had to go!  And it just happened to be the weekend of their Halloween Festival!

The festival was held in their downtown area, the crossroads of Central Ave & Main St.
Main St was divided with parking down the center so they were able to have twice as many booths & vendors on the street!  Plus a small carnival area with kid's rides.

In the center of the crossroads was a flagpole & Veteran's memorial. 
It was surrounded by hearses!

They have 6 locations of a store called Foy's in the downtown area.  Each one carried different merchandise.  Kid's costumes, adult costumes, decor, etc. 

This was their 5&10 cent store, aka the year-round Halloween store.
It reminded me of a podunk (sorry!) Party City.

Not many houses in the downtown area really decorated - but the ones that did went BIG!
This whole pirate scene was amazing.  The ships were all on trailers!

Across the street from the pirates - I can't even describe!
The backyard (it was a corner lot) was filled with zombies & aliens. 

The front yard.  WOW.  These props were HUGE!!
I would have liked to seen this one in action.  There's an I beam behind it and all sorts of hoses, so I'd have to guess that he raises up and moves somehow.
These reapers were outside a church building!
A real saddle! 
I'm thinking they may have made the horse themselves.  The one below is clearly one of the Home Depot horses, I can tell by the shape.
I've never seen a corpsing technique using burlap.  It gave the horse an interesting texture.
A real harness!  The hearse was pretty amazing.
And there are skeletons climbing on the roof the garage in the background.

We picked the perfect day to go.  It was windy, but sunny and not too cold.  It was fun to walk around and people watch.   There people in costumes, there was a DJ set up near the flagpole.  There was a belly dancing troupe that I would have liked to see, but missed.  I saw a couple of the girls go by and their outfits reminded me of Day of the Dead.  Loved the Oddities store - they had some items labelled with warnings that 'this could be haunted' and some neat stories to go with them.  it was one of those places you'd just keep looking and looking and still not see everything they had.
I almost lost Chuck, ya'll!  My great-niece fell in love with him and carried him around all day.  I got him back, but I'm going to have to send her her own Chuck.  I have another 3 foot pose & stay skeleton that's in a lot better condition than he is.  And I have an idea of what kind of onsie I'd like to find for it.  I'm sure it'll make her happy!  

Countdown to Halloween

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