October 25, 2018

6 Days til H'ween! Tillson Street part 1

Jack (my Beagle) and I took our annual daytime walk to the infamous Tillson Street.

Tillson Street is located in Romeo, Michigan in Macomb County - about 30ish miles north of Detroit.   This street is only a couple blocks long, but 99% of the houses are decorated and as a bonus - a lot are also historical Victorian houses (awesome to look at on a non-Halloween day!)

I prefer to go during the day because #1 - a LOT fewer people and #2 - I can see all the details that went into putting together all these displays.

This year, the Spawn joined Jack and I on our walk.  This worked out well since sadly, Jack is getting old.  In the past I would park one street over on Pleasant St and we'd walk up one side and down the other of Pleasant. then do the same on Tillson.  I put her in change of him and I could run back & forth across the street to get as many pics as I wanted and they could wander as slowly as he wanted to go.
 It was a nice cool, cloudy day.  Just right for a nice walk!
 Since I was going back & forth across the street getting pics, I'm posting them in the same order I took them instead of being orderly.  So just enjoy!


Speaking of details - the homeowner was testing this as I walked up.  You push the handle & the ghoul jumps out at you.  He was commenting about how the jaw was crooked & he needed to fix it.
He's probably the only one who would care!  Such as the life of a haunter.


Simple, yet effective.

I took a couple's picture with their little girls in here before we could get in.  I could tell the Mom was hesitant, but I think afterward she was glad she got to be in the picture, too.

stayed tuned for part 2!

Countdown to Halloween

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