October 08, 2018

23 Days - the new build

Back in May, I found this cool old window on the side of the road on my way into work one morning.  I saw it & drove on by, but kept thinking about it for a good 2 miles.  I thought it was cool, but what would I do with it??  Then a single line of the song on the radio seemed to leap out at me..... "Oh, you'll regret it".  
So I turned around & went back.
It's a pretty big window - about 2'x4'.

I decided on a shack.  I discussed plans with my resident engineer & geek (aka Randy) and we figured out some plans.
I finally got around to going to Lowe's to get the plywood.  And special thanks to some random guy who helped me tie the big sheet to the top of my car.  I swear I had things 4' wide in the back of my car before, but this sure wasn't going to fit!
I had the sheets cut down, so the biggest sheet is 4'x6' for the back and 2 - 2'x6' pieces for the sides.  That left me with 2-2'x2' pieces and a 2'x4' piece.  Future headstones, maybe?
I had a gallon of 'oops' paint - and was kind of startled when I opened it & saw blue when it was supposed to be brown!  A good stir took care of that.  
 Randy & I decided 2x3"framing would be good for this.  2x4s would be overkill.

The sides are attached with hinges!
Because one of the design features we talked about was how to make it easy to store. 
I saw "we" but I really have to give most of the credit to him.  He made the project work!
 It folds flat! 
The window is easy to remove & the sides will fold in.  Then it'll fit nicely in the shed in the backyard. .  
 Miss Angela testing the wifi.
There's no roof on it.  I did that on purpose.  As it is, this thing weighs a ton.  I can always tack some black cloth up in there if needed.
This guy is just hanging out for now.
He's renting the space until the new owners arrive!
 I'm liking how the red fire & ice light looks on it!
I'm pretty excited & very pleased with our first actual big build for the cemetery!

Countdown to Halloween


  1. Perfect spot for a Fortune Teller ...a skeletal one of course!

    1. I'll have to keep that idea in mind for future themes!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out.


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