October 16, 2018

15 Days til H'ween! Webster Cemetery

Webster Cemetery is located in Almont, Michigan in Lapeer County. 
FindaGrave says there are 760 memorials here. 

Rosemarie Lee
Jun 24, 1955 - Nov 14, 1989
Beloved pets "Twister" and "Kitty Buds"

The side of the round part looks like a horse head in profile.

Wallace L Smith
Feb 27, 1929 - Jun 5, 2001
I love seeing these really old stones with flowers by them. 
Sarah A
wife of 
Charles E Warner
Apr 2, 1855
Sept 24, 1899

The groundis really soft & a lot of the stones have settled or fallen over.

James Fairweather
born in Norton Parish
New Brunswick
Sep 20, 1803
died Mar 6, 1866

Sarah Fairweather
Nov 8, 1890
88 years 7 months ?? days

Anna M
b. Jul 30, 1866
d. Oct 31, 1866
Newman R.
b. May 4, 1882
d. May 5, 1882

The back of the Fairweather stones

This stone was way off along the property line alone.
Emma May & Rachel
Children of E & C Forsyth
Nov 23, 1870 & Nov 3, 1969
Ages 9 years 11 months 27 days & 19 years 1 month 25 days

Henry Harvey
died Aug 31, 1912
74 years 10 months 10 days
Civil War Veteran, GAR
Private, 8th Michigan Cavalry, Co E

Here are 3 stones in a row that look like they're new, but placed face down? 
I don't know.

Something dug up a ground bee hive.  The honey comb is upper right corner.

Revolutionary war solider
Beriah Howard
Jun 26, 1758 - Jul 27, 1840

This stone had a really cool viney texture across it.

dau of MH Williamson
and wife of
Levi C Clark
born in
Jedburgh Scotland
March 15, 1817
died near Almont, Mich
May 20, 1873
Henrietta Williamson
wife of Levi C Clark
died May 20, 1973
Aged 56 years 2 months 5 days
 Guess she needed 2 stones?
Levi C Clark
Co F, Michigan Infantry, GAR
Civil War veteran
died April 29, 1902 (aged 75)

Couzens / Daviddovich plot

There's only the one stone in this terraced plot.
Cloa A, wife of Wm Babcock
Dec 16, 1826 - Sep 9, 1972
Menerva A, wife of Edward Babcock
Nov 15, 1828 - Nov 10, 1888
William & Edward don't appear to be buried in this cemetery.
Melissa Wilcox
Weep not that her toils are over
Weep not that her race is run
God grant we may rest as calmly
Wen our work like hers is done.

FindaGrave says his last name was Spencer.
Plausible since there are a lot of Spencers buried here.
Just a pretty scene.

Coridon Harvey
Died Jan 30, 1892
aged 62 years 8 months 11 days
Private, 8th Michigan Calvary, Co E
Civil War

My sister & I decided to go out late one September evening last year & drive thru this cemetery.  It was cool & hazy and the mist had risen so we'd kind of freaked ourselves out.  We got to the back of the cemetery, which is long & narrow with only one defined road in & out, and stopped to look & listen  Just then the low fuel alarm on the car decided to go off and made us both jump & scream a little - LOL!  So as we turned around, the car's headlights shone on this stone & I had to get a picture!

Special thanks to whomever it was who added all the military info into FindaGrave for these veterans!

Countdown to Halloween

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