October 27, 2018

4 Days til H'ween! More Romeo pics

Tying into the Tillson Street posts.  Most of these were taken on Pleasant Street, and some in other parts of town that I happened across.  



Here you can see Jack checking out the pumpkins.

This was the first house I saw putting decorations out.  Love the beef netting spiderwebs!

They had smaller dinos chasing people up their lightposts, too buy they came out fizzy (and that' ticks me off!  They were funny!)
 Yet another that makes my wonder where they store their stuff!  Seriously?  A real Army truck!!
 But let's take a minute & admire their house. 

 The Romeo HS mascot is the Bulldog, so the zombie bulldog on the Dairy Queen is pretty funny!

This house I had to drive around the block & park so I could get out & look closer. 
The horse is life-sized and made of steel!


 Their whole display was fun to look at!

Countdown to Halloween

 photo http---signatures.mylivesignature.com-54494-164-6E1F2937D85F5FD3EB8A14DC4819E6EF_zpsg5damrgy.png

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  1. Wow! You saw a serious amount of cool stuff! I don't even know what to mention, because there was so much! I just paged through your last several blog posts. Lots of decorating inspiration here. Everyone went all out!


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