October 30, 2018

1 DAY TIL H'WEEN !!!!! My cast of Characters

Welcome to the Maple Grove Cemetery Cast of Characters!

For the 10th Anniversary, I decided to have my skeleton army go trick-or-treating!
Gordie the Greeter
His & Hers
 Lola the Mourner (and her margarita)
Just before taking this picture - I'd painted the years under the license plates on the Fortiac stone.  And then it proceeded to downpour for a short time. 
So the paint pen got washed away.
 ZipTie the ghost horse & George the monkey
 Bettina & her weenie dog
The Huntress & the Pirate
 Batman & Cat girl
 The mini Ghoul
 The Pumpkin Sprout
 The Army Tot
 Penguin & JOL
 The Bopsie Twins
Brad & Janet (altho Brad is overdressed!)
 Ethel the Witch & Dorothy the Vampire (and their cats!)
This may be Ethel's last year - both her hands broke off & she's currently sitting there with only one leg & arm attached.  The others keep falling off!
 Frank the Bear & DucTape the Fairy Pony
 Buzz the Vulture
 Fanny the Fabulous Flamingo
 The Beagle pack & Boney FooFoo

 From the road

And now for tomorrow's weather report?
I could do without the "few showers" for Friday, since that's tear-down day.  
But it's looking decent for the main event!

Countdown to Halloween

 photo http---signatures.mylivesignature.com-54494-164-6E1F2937D85F5FD3EB8A14DC4819E6EF_zpsg5damrgy.png

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  1. Awesome. Love the names of each character and creative!


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