October 04, 2018

27 Days - The Haunting of Ghostly Greens

Last June, the Spawn & I were in Orlando with her dance team for the Nationals Competition (Nat'l Champs for large group hiphop, babeeee!).  Our hotel was walking distance from Universal Studios and we went to the Citywalk several times while we were there. 

We couldn't help but notice the Hollywood Drive-In Golf courses as we crossed the walkway from the parking area into the CityWalk itself.  One 18 hole course was a 50's sci-fi themed course & the other.....

The Haunting of Ghostly Greens!

I think you can guess which one we did! 

The ghosts looked a bit too much like sperms, tho....
Little Miss Catsup & Mustard here in their matching tops.

These creatures from the Black Lagoon would randomly spit water that may or may not hit your legs!
This one was up in the ceiling of a covered bridge.

Bush peoples.

The "Gangrene House"

It was a fun & easy course, we got a lot a holes-in-one between the 4 of us playing.

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