October 13, 2018

18 Days - Steve's adventures!

Technically, Chuck the skeleton is the mascot of Maple Grove.  But sometimes it's not practical to take a 3 foot skeleton places with you.  Those times call for his smaller cousin, Steve!

Steve isn't quite as well travelled as Chuck, but he did get to fly to Orlando while Chuck has never been on a plane.  

Today, Steve got to go horseback riding!

This was the 6th annual Polly Ann Trail fundraising trail ride. 

 Calling the horses in from the field.
Steve trying out the horn
 He fit nicely in my saddlebag.
It was an absolutely perfect fall day. 

Because every trail needs art to be admired!
 We'd just crossed from Lapeer county into Oakland.
 The parking area was at a little local water park. 
This water slide didn't bother Kisses at all!
Mmmmm chili!

(please forgive the quality of photos - I'm just learning how to compress images & still have some tweaking to figure out)

Countdown to Halloween

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