October 24, 2012

I got visited by the Great Pumpkin!!

I signed up for the Great Pumpkin Gift Exchange over at AEIOU...and Sometimes Why.  It's just like the Secret Reaper where I signed up and was randomly assigned another person to send a gift to "on behalf of the Great Pumpkin".  I don't want to say who I sent a gift to since he hasn't said anything on his blog yet and I don't know if he reads mine (hi, Bob!!)

But I got my lovely package today from Jaime at  ShezCrafti.com (shameless plug for her blog - lol!)  The box was so pretty with the purple duct tape with black cats and white JOLs on it (my daughter, the duct tape addict, fell in love with that, btw).

Look how cute!  

In the bottom of the bucket were lot of bugs & spiders & skeletons.

a magnetic list pad, witch Pez dispenser, bracelet (or hair tie, maybe?), roll of tattoos, various Peeps noms, absolutely adorable magnets, inflatable cat

 a recipe & JOL pattern book with spooky sounds CD

 a desktop gargoyle to protect me from evil spirits in the workplace.  
Wow, do I ever need this!  

and of course, everything was cat-scanned by Maddie & Chester.  

I love everything she sent.  A lot of the noms are already gone (thanks, Angela!) and she also confiscated the tattoos, but I slapped her hands away from the Pez - that's MINE!  I can't wait to play that CD on halloween - that's exactly what my cemetery needs!

I rather think my family is glad that I have no more random boxes of Halloween stuff expected!  But they don't "get" the joy of these gift exchanges like I do.  I have just as much fun deciding and acquiring what to send as I do receiving them! 

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