October 17, 2012

Countdown - 14 days! Updated stones

This will probably be the most half-assed tutorial ever made.  I forgot to take pictures for like half of it, but luckily it's pretty self-explanatory.

All the rest of my stones are cut out of plywood sheets, so I was happy to find this resin RIP obelisk at the Salvation Army and the smaller cross in the garden section of WalMart.  

I have to confess that I'm still chicken about trying foam.  I do have several store-bought foam stones, but they're still in the garage. I was going to add plywood to their backs, but stupidly glued them on the plywood first before cutting them out....so that project ground to a halt until I can mess with them. 

I went to Lowe's and got a 2x6x6 piece of treated lumber.
I used most of it for new bases to these stones.

 Simple boxes with a piece of plywood glued / screwed to the top.
 I used LocTite All Purpose Adhesive Caulk.

I used the adhesive caulk to attach the stones to the wood boxes
& let it dry.

While that was drying, I sprayed the insides of the obelisk back.

Then I put 2 coats of gray exterior latex paint on both stones & boxes and lightly brushed the gray over the black on the obelisk.  Now that I look at these pictures, they need some black brushed over the gray, too. They're rather crisp & new looking. 

I like these that with the weight of the resin stones and the wood box, neither of them have need to any other attachment to the ground.  

I'm rather happy with how they look.  It was a very simple project and the bases make the stones have more of an impact. 

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  1. A quick upgrade that makes the stones look ten times better! Nice!!


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