October 26, 2012

Countdown - 5 days! Close Ups

I wanted to show off some close up shots and details of some things I'm particularly proud of.

 This charm bracelet was inspired by one I saw on Pinterest.

The charms include: a coffin, spider, Celtic cross, the devil, pentagram, cat, Ouija board, skeleton, ghost, knife, small skull, big skull with a rose in its teeth, bat, Grim Reaper, tombstone, haunted house, snake, JOL, scarecrow, cemetery gate and witch's broom.

 Part I of the apothecary.
It's amazing what you can find to put in a jar or bottle and it look like something else.

Left to right - fake, moss-covered stones / KC BBQ steak seasoning  / cheap blue body scrub / artificial leaves / empty dark green bottle / plastic vase gems

Rice / empty Dandelion tonic bottle / artificial thistles / empty brown bottle / plastic skulls & glass bones / nasty oil of some sort with leaves & things in it / marbles.

 mini-skeletons / hand bones / black bead necklaces
glass rolling pin

 Part II

 John Doe urn / slime jug / crystal goblets / funky artificial cattail-like flowers / empty tall bottle

 plastic vase gems  / (tall green bottle) marbles / coriander / empty brown bottle / 2 more with plastic gems / string pulled out of creepy cloth / cheap blue glue (this is possibly my favorite bottle!)  / silver glitter / empty green bottle / red beans

this small blowmold is just like one my mom had when I was a kid.  I have no idea what happened to that, but was so excited to find the same one on eBay!  A Crystal Skull vodka bottle (empty), purple votive.

Thanks for letting me show off to people who might actually care about small details like this!


  1. Everything looks great! Love the various apothecary bottles and your bracelet is FANGtastic too! I've always wanted to make some jewelry like that...but I think I may be 'challenged' in the jewelry making department. I will just admire yours instead! :o)

  2. This was my first time attempting something like this. It took some doing & redoing, but it finally worked out. It's got a lovely jingle!


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