October 16, 2012

Countdown - 15 days! Crooks Road

Today we're visiting the Crooks Road Cemetery in Troy, Michigan.   It's located on....surprise! Crooks Road.  LOL!  Anyway, it started out as a private family graveyard, but in 1850, the family sold the land to the City of Troy for $40.  Many of the early Troy settlers are buried here.

It's a small cemetery, approximately an acre.  There are many old burials there, but it is also available for new burials.  Some of the stones are unusual that I'd never seen in my visits to Michigan cemeteries.

 My high school art portfolio had my name written in logs on it!

 I haven't seen a plot like this since I was in Georgia, many moons ago!

 All I could read was the last name was Ford.


 Major C. Jones
Love this stone with the tree & anchor!

 This is odd.
In the center - Elizabeth, wife of Hiram, died 1874.
On the left, Hiram, died 1886
On the right - Sarah, wife of Hiram, died 1882.
Why does Elizabeth get the big center stone??

  "MY father" & "MY mother"
possessive much?

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