October 01, 2012

Countdown - 30 days! Goin' to Hell

Welcome to the Countdown to Halloween!  Each day (hopefully!) from now to the Big Day will have a post that showcases something Halloween-y in my life, including Cemetery Tuesdays and Flora Fridays. 

The next time someone tells you to go to Hell, you really can!

Let me show you on the map......

Gotta love Michigan!

So Hell really exists and it really can freeze over!  It's really just 2 main buildings.  Hell in a Handbasket is home to Hell's Kitchen (really good pizza) and Screams Ice Cream.  This is also where the official post office is.  They will scorch your postcards before mailing them - LOL!   The other is the requisite gift shop.   Out back there are kayak and canoe rentals on Hell Creek, a mini golf course and even a wedding chapel!  

 We took one of Angel's friends with us for the weekend. 

 The Official NOAA weather station 

 The wedding chapel.  According to the website, it holds 10 people. 

 Hell's Creek

 The road thru Hell.

 The toppings bar inside Screams. 

If you prefer a more tropical locale (that is not as likely to freeze over), you can grab your passport and head to the lovely Cayman Islands!  On the north end of 7 Mile Beach on Grand Cayman is another Hell!

While I have personally been there, my folder of pics disappeared off my computer, so - here is a link to a review from a blogger who visited the island on 6/6/6.  It is a beautiful place!


  1. Ha, how fun! Nice pics and Happy October

  2. Ha! Scorched post cards from Hell! Now THAT is clever and funny! Happy October to you Lisa! Enjoyed your 'hellish' post today, and am looking forward to more throughout the month. But I just gotta applaud the irony of visiting Hell on 6/6/6...your killing me here! :o)


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