October 14, 2012

Countdown - 17 days! Playing Favorites

OK, we all have our favorite props and/or decor.  The Critters d'Love Shaque are no different.

Miss Maddie enjoys anything with glitter.
What can I say, she's a girly girl!

Chester, of course, prefers anything orange.

Jack really likes the skeletons.

However, the feline sect were not sure about the selection of fake mice.


  1. We had the same reaction when we found a few fake ones in the bottom of a prop box. It was, "Really, you really think we don't know the difference...gawd!"

  2. When Maddie first saw them, she did the little Halloween cat arch & tiptoed sideways away from them. But once she saw Chester by them, she had to check them out closer, too.


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