October 03, 2012

Countdown - 28 days! Skeleton Comparisons


Today I'm going to be doing a side-by-side comparison of these fine, dapper gentlemen.

On the left is Bobert, He came from Garden Ridge 
and cost me $50 smackers.  
On the right is Billiam.  He is a Walgreen's $30 special. 

 Bobert from Garden Ridge.
His jaw is hinged, but doesn't move a whole lot.  
He is more white in color with a decent brown/gray wash.

 The arm is held on by is this screw contraption - and btw, is metric.  
I had to replace a nut and learned the hard way. 
It has a lot of range of motion. 

 The hands can both wave up and down and rotate a full 360*.  
However, it can come off the screw!

 The legs are held on by long bolts with nuts on each end.  
I'm not too thrilled with how the seams on the leg bones are split, 
but it seems that's how it is made. 

 The foot.  Can point & flex and that's about it.

 Billiam from Walgreens.  
He has a larger skull than Bobert.  The jaw can also open a bit more. 
He's more of a darker ecru color with a light brown/gray wash.

 The joints are molded plastic pegs and has less much range of motion than the screw contraption above.
There's a large staple in the top of the shoulder. 

 The hand can only wave up and down, but looks like it can be carefully turned somewhat or even popped out of the arm bones.  

The foot has a definite heel bone and 
can do the first position nicely. 
~Because every skeleton needs to do ballet!~

 Here you can see the molded pegs in the pelvis. 
Has plenty of motion to stand and sit.

 Bobert (L) is hanging by way of a twine noose around his neck.
 Billiam (R) hangs by way of a black cord from the top of the skull.
 Please ignore the nasty, peeling garage.

Here, Bobert (R) appears to be slouching slightly, yet his feet barely touch the patio.
Billiam is sitting up and his feet are flat on the patio. 
Both claim to be 5' tall.
 Billiam needs to throw the ball, already!
Billiam is definitely a good 4 inches taller, 
according to the paver bricks.  
(see - first position!)

Overall, I think the Walgreen's $30 skeleton feels somewhat more substantial and a bit heavier.  I'm nervous about those molded plastic peg joints, but I also don't plan on doing Jazzercise with him regularly.  The Garden Ridge $50 skeleton can be moved in more natural & even unnatural positions, but I'm also not too thrilled with the screws & bolts holding him together.  He feels like he's going to fall apart when I move him.  But since he also won't be doing the tango - that's OK.  

I think if I had to choose between the 2 - I'd go with the Walgreen's. 

And there, my friends.....is my 2 cents.


  1. Great post! I too bought a skelly (his name is Abita) very much like Bobert for... $80. Shameful, I know. He too feels like he might fall apart when i move him, and he seems to be construced/has the same kind of hardware, as your Bobert. I've been eyeing up the Walmart/Walgrees skellys. They seem to be the same skellys. Glad to have your review on them! I just might have to go get Abita a girl friend ;)

    (2nd Street Cemetery)

  2. I do think WalMart / Walgreens have the same ones. But I saw the Walmart one's for $40. Still a decent price, tho.
    I like the name Abita!

  3. This is an awesome review, and your Skelly names are even better.

  4. Thanks! And I have to give credit to my daughter for their names.


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