October 06, 2012

Countdown - 25 days! Gross food

I know a lot of us have Witch's Kitchens or apothecaries (**raises hand** Guilty!) as part of our annual Halloween display (and some year round!!)  What more fun than to actually be able to eat what is found in your laboratory?  

EvilMadScientist.com has a lovely tutorial on some really disgusting, but completely edible foods that they serve to their guests.  I think they're brave people, since I can't even get my family to eat regular food!

For example (these are a sampling of pics off their page)...

Bamboo shoots become tentacles.

Jackfruit looks like brain tissue.

Lychees look like eyeballs.

Sausage to look like fingers.

Don't forget grapes look like eyeballs, cauliflower for brains, dried apples for shrunken heads - you get the point. 

If gross isn't your cup of tea....here are some cuter offerings!

Any of those can easily be found on Pinterest with the recipes and whoever the credit goes to.

This one, I will include the direct link to the blog, since it is just amazing, yet gross!  
melting head cake

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