October 02, 2012

Countdown - 29 days! Goodrich Cemetery

Welcome to Cemetery Tuesday!

Each Tuesday I will be posting about a cemetery in the area.  Today is Goodrich, aka the Scottish Settlement, Cemetery in Romeo, Michigan.  The first time we went there without knowing anything other than the location. Afterward, I Googled it and found an article all about it from the Paranormal Investigators & Research Council of Michigan who, among other groups, had visited there multiple times!  They said there was a LOT of activity here!

It's a very quaint old cemetery off a dirt road surrounded by woods and cornfields.  No houses are within 1/4 mile or more.


This stone kept drawing me to it.
The date on the bottom is 1871.

 Some (really strong) morons pushed 
the giant marble ball off it's base.  
You can see it in the woods.

 This is way back behind the main part of the cemetery. 

When my sister stood near these after dark, 
she said she felt a definite presence.  
She's had encounters with ghosts before, so I believe her.
My only encounter is mentioned here.

A couple weeks later, my daughter and I returned at dusk and since I told her about the PIRCOM reports, she was slightly freaked out.  We were on the way home from my sister's house and had our Beagle with us, so we took him with us. He didn't seem to sense anything.  He was more interested in sniffing, like Beagles do.  My niece really wanted to go, so the following week we returned after dark - during the new moon.  It was mid September, and it was beautifully clear and the temps were in the upper 50s.

PIRCOM had reported a portal to the left of the gate where shadow people were seen and that was the first place she went.  We also got some pictures.  We never saw any mists, but plenty of orbs in the pictures.  There was also something in the woods on the left fence line.  I'd think any sort of critter would have run away, especially since there were 6 of us and the 2 teenage boys were quite obnoxious.  Niece Lisa called out to George, the caretaker that PIRCOM had made contact with and we heard 2 definite heavy footstomps from the back right corner of the cemetery. 

I was upset to see someone had knocked this stone over since we'd been there the week before.  Come to find out, it was the boys with us who'd been running to hide behind the tree. 
After I laid into them, they set it back on carefully.
This picture is being lit by my phone's flashlight app, directly in front of / over the right corner,
so I wonder what the darker shadowy spot is on the left?

 From the back, looking toward the road - and the car's tail lights.

back right corner looking toward back center

 This is the area to the left of the gate. 
There are a zillion orbs!

 I was to the right of the sign, looking toward the center back. 
Quite a few orbs here, too. 

I know a lot of people are skeptical about orbs and such.  I just know what I see, heard & felt.  How do you feel about this?

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