October 28, 2012

Countdown - 3 days! Tillson Street Plus!

Tillson Street is located in Romeo, Michigan.  As of yesterday, there were exactly 3 houses not decorated - one never is (they need to move & let me have their house) and the other is up for sale and looked empty, I don't know what was up with the other.
So I took Jack and explored.

I'd heard houses on the next street over were done, too.  So we looked and only a few were decorated, but they were REALLY decorated!
Here is Pleasant Street.

 OMG, I WANT this house!!!

 Those trees are awesome!!

Alrighty, now around the corner to Tillson St!

 They were still setting up.
All these JOLs will be on the giant scarecrows.

 Jack had to check out the pirate.

 This is my favorite house!

 Where did they find bluckies without freakishly long arms??

This guy was pneumatically driven to sit up.
Jack didn't know what to think of it!
I had a good laugh.

According to the website, they get over 2000 ToTers on Halloween!   Crazy!
A lot of the houses do mostly the same set up every year, but there are some new additions and tweaks here & there.  Which is all the more reason I need to move there, because that's what I do!

I didn't get any more pictures, due to the literally hundreds of people lining the sidewalks, just to see these houses.  And my favorite house, shown above?  There was a group from the local dance studio performing in the front yard (and was critiqued by my daughter who is, of course, extremely biased).  Very cool!
However, I did stop to purchase one of their T-shirts in support of various groups at Romeo High School.

I also decided that I probably would NOT want to live on this street.  For at least half of October, you would not be able to get out of your driveway any time after dark and any part of your lawn that isn't fenced off, is completely destroyed.
I'd be happy to live on Pleasant St. 


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