Saturday, October 20, 2012

Countdown - 11 days! Broken Tombstone

I am just going to show a link to this one, since it is one of those projects that I began, but screwed up and haven't had a chance to fix & finish.  Guess I should have actually looked at how it was done, instead of trying to wing it.  In this example, he actually carved & painted the foam himself, while I was just going to take a store-bought stone and cut & repaint.  I still haven't ventured into the joys & wonders of working with foam sheets. 

I got the idea and picture from the Blackstone Cemetery blog.  As many times as I have explored old cemeteries and have seen broken stones, it never occurred to me to actually do this in my own Maple Grove.  I have to say it is a brilliant idea and Hector has done a beautiful job on this, as with all his projects.

I apologize for posting a link to so many wonderful ideas so close to the big day, but there's always next year!! 

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