October 22, 2012

Countdown - 9 days! Secret Reaper 2012

I always sign up to do the secret reaper gift exchange on the HalloweenForum.  This is just like a Secret Santa, where a whole bunch of other people sign up and the Head Reaper would sends a PM with someone else's name / address / likes / dislikes to each of us.  We don't know who gets our name til the package arrives - if they even choose to let us know!   This year was no different. 

 In round 1, my reaper disappeared off the face of the planet so I had to be "rescue reaped" by someone who volunteered for this occasion.  She made some awesome choices for me!  I love everything.
 Maddie approved of the handmade countdown sign.


 The lacy bat runner is beautiful & the skulls came with candles!

In round 2, I was a victim of a "repeat offender".  This same person had my name last year!  And lives about an hour from me.
 The card is from Greenfield Village, a museum-type village near Detroit.

 I haven't named this guy yet, but he was in the yard before the rest of the box was emptied.

Skull spider & light covers.

I swear this box had no bottom!

 Jazz-hands skeleton

I love the stones - they match perfectly the mini-graveyard I have on the kitchen counter.

I haven't plugged in the ghosts to see if the lights work,
 but they are neat!
I totally have a place for them.
The resin ToT rock is by my back door.

I really enjoy doing the Secret Reaper each year.  My first victim lives in Poland and was planning a Halloween birthday party, so I concentrated on getting party supplies for her.  She was very happy. Apparently American party supplies are different than Polish ones!  Victim 2 was a bit harder, she is a horror fangirl.  I am not.  But I found a hanging Freddy & Jason at Halloween City.  Then I found a couple framed prints of a house with palm trees at the Salvation Army and I added JOLs and ghosts and other creepy things to the prints & reframed them.  However, she also dropped off the planet (hasn't been on the boards since sign up), so I have no idea if she even got the package!  USPS says she did, but I'd like to know for sure.  Part of the hazards of the game, I guess!  

Even with the hiccups, I will be signing up again next year!


  1. That is such a cool idea! I wish I had my ducks in a row in a enough time to do something like this for Halloween! A great way to enjoy the holiday! :o)

  2. It's fun deciding on the perfect items to send to someone you don't even know and it's even more fun seeing what another person came up with for you!

  3. I've never heard of such a thing - - how fun that is!!! Love the skeleton in the ground -- or should I say, partially in the ground??!! so great!!

  4. I was excited to see the skeleton - I have one already, but it's different from this one. So they are on each side of my front walk!


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