October 01, 2015

30 Days - the Bucket List

I'm pretty sure we all have one - that long list of things we want to do before a certain age / date / whenever.
Of course, I have a Halloween one.  So far it's pretty short, but I'm sure it'll be added to all the time!

Actually, a couple of these will probably be crossed off this season.

1.  Halloweekends at Cedar Point.

2.  USS Edson DD946 Ghost Tour

3.  See "the Skeletons are Alive" in Northville - looks cheesy but my kind o cheese!

4.  Bonaventure Cemetery (hoping to go here next summer! The kid will be at a dance competition 2 hours away - I can make a day trip!)

5. Visit the Queen Mary

6.  Highgate Cemetery in London

more to be added later......

What else would you add?


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