October 15, 2015

Day 16 - my jewelry & girly stuff

I'm weird when it comes to my jewelry - I only wear my wedding rings & US Navy ring and hardly ever wear necklaces....but earrings I go crazy over. 

I do really like this cameo necklace. 
 An assortment of skeletons - the big ones glow in the dark. 
 Mummy earrings & pin.
 Speaking of pins....a lovely spider and some fall leaves. 
 Goofy skulls & bats. 
 These are probably the ones I wear the least.  The orange glitter is wearing off the skull & crossbones and I have similar non-dangly spiders that I like better. 
 I don't wear the cats much, either.  It's hard to see what they are.  Love the headstones, tho!
 Candy corns, bats / moons, ghosties and the spiders that I do like. 
 It just occurred to me that I am missing the matching necklace to these.  It's long enough that it gets caught between me and my desk at work.  It's a dark chain and golf-ball sized skull with a chain tassel under it. 
 I found this cuff at a dancewear store, of all places!  
 I found this perfume & nail polish at Hot Topic.  I'm not big on strong smells, either (gives me headaches) - so I was pleasantly surprised with this. 
 Close up of the perfume bottle. 


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